Have you lost Jesus?

Luke 2:43-45 ERV
When the festival was over, they went home, but Jesus stayed in Jerusalem. His parents did not know about it. They traveled for a whole day thinking that Jesus was with them in the group. They began looking for him among their family and close friends, but they did not find him. So they went back to Jerusalem to look for him there.

I have been reading a plan in the bible app about Christmas, I read this scripture back on day 8 and it won’t leave me. The key to the message is how many of us has lost Jesus in our lives?

This season is supposed to be about the birth of our Lord, the birth of the gift that keeps on giving. We get so caught up in satisfying the kids every wish that in many cases we have never truly share THE GIFT of Jesus. We talk about Jesus like he is a magician (Tell jesus all your troubles, he will fix it. Cast your worries on the Lord, pay your tithes and he will open the windows, and on and on) so we should not be surprised when our kids expect a show. A show for their birthday, we buy things we can’t afford and invite people who don’t care. A show for Christmas, buying the latest and greatest gift with no thoughts to our children’s financial future, that’s why they expect a show. But the reality is we need to make sure our children understand what the Gift is.

I asked have we lost Jesus because we get so busy being parents, cooking, cleaning, doing homework, going to work, going to church (yes church can be a distraction if it’s just something else you have to do) that we forget to keep our relationship tight with Jesus. Studying the word takes a back seat to often meaningless stuff. Most people know all about the housewives of wherever or love and hip hop but can’t tell you one thing they are expecting from God. We have lost Jesus in our day to day duties and we need to be like Joseph and Mary. We need to go back to where we were with him last and find him. We need to teach our children why it’s important to have a relationship with Jesus. If they can understand the message in the latest ninja turtle movie or the message in Frozen or Hapoy Feet they can understand the message of Jesus.

Let’s grab our families and go back to where we last saw our savior, he is waiting on us with open arms.

Hebrews 10:12-13 ERV
But Christ offered only one sacrifice for sins, and that sacrifice is good for all time. Then he sat down at the right side of God. And now Christ waits there for his enemies to be put under his power.



I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭11‬ NIV)

How many times do we sit up and compare our lives to others. God if only I made as much money as… If my figure could look like… If my spouse could act like…. If my children could just.. If my house was as nice as.. You get my point? We are constantly wanting more and more when we should learn to be content with what God gave us.. Be honest most of the things you have now is something you were once praying for.. Let’s not get in the habit of comparing our lives to other people. Half the time things are not as they seem and more importantly you don’t know what they had to go through to get it.. So let’s be thankful for what WE have and allow God to work in our life. Whatever is for you, is for you and nobody can change that!!!

Dear Father,

I come for before you this day praying for whomever may be reading this. Father I pray that they learn to be content with the blessings you have given them thus far. Father I pray that they build confidence to love self. I pray that they understand if they seek first the kingdom, you will provide the desires of their heart. Father I pray that they build a relationship with you. Father allow them to trust you with everything they have!! Father remove every piece of bitterness and jealousy from their hearts. Father I ask that you bind up any insecurities, self hate,worthlessness and doubt… Father I ask that you loose peace into the atmosphere, love,trust and confidence in the mighty name of Jesus!! Lord I love you and I thank you… Amen…


Too long have I lived among those who hate peace. (‭Psalm‬ ‭120‬:‭6‬ NIV)

I don’t know about you but I have learned to love a peaceful environment. I use to love to be in the mix, at all the parties, in everybody business, spreading the latest gossip. But now I’m SO not interested.. It’s something about your relationship with God that bring you away from all those things. It’s time to get rid of meaningless and draining relationships. If they only call or want to be around you when it’s convenient for them. Get rid of them. If you’re boyfriend acting a fool and your constantly questioning the relationship Run away from them. See God usually gives us a sign about the situations we are in but we usually ignore them and do what we want. Then when we are hurt and in pain. We are begging God to fix us. Listen don’t wait until January to start the new year new me. Start today!!! Get rid of every meaningless thing in your life.. Have peace Today!!!

Dear Lord, I come before you on this day as humble as I know how to be. Thanking you for another 24 hours to do your will. Thanking you for protecting me and my family through the night. Thanking you for the little things like being able to turn on my lights this morning. Thanking you for running water. Thanking you for working limbs. Because father I know someone woke up today unable to do any of those things. Father I thank you for jesus on this day!! Thank you for sacrificing your darling son for someone like me. Father on this day I ask that you remove anyone or anything that’s getting in the way of our relationship. Father remove anything that take away the peace that I love. Father above all things I ask that you never leave my side. I love you and I adore you. In jesus name I pray AMEN

Start slow if you need to but do start!

Since the day we heard these things about you, we have continued praying for you. This is what we pray: that God will make you completely sure of what he wants by giving you all the wisdom and spiritual understanding you need; that this will help you live in a way that brings honor to the Lord and pleases him in every way; that your life will produce good works of every kind and that you will grow in your knowledge of God; that God will strengthen you with his own great power, so that you will be patient and not give up when troubles come. Then you will be happy and give thanks to the Father. He has made you able to have what he has promised to give all his holy people, who live in the light. (‭Colossians‬ ‭1‬:‭9-12‬ ERV)

I pray that you will seek a relationship with God, a real relationship that requires you to talk with him, trust him, challenge him and allow him to challenge you. I pray that when things are going bad, you run to him, when things are going good , you run to him. I pray that you are excited to talk to him, to tell him all about what is going on in your life. I pray these things for you because I love you in spirit and in truth and I want you to live a more abundant life in Christ.

I’m not asking you to love God and trust him because of what he has done for me, I’m asking because of what he has done For You! Look back over your life and tell me one situation you worked out for yourself! Yeah I couldn’t find one either.

If you need to start off slow, do that but get started trusting God with everything and then you’ll find he will do anything for you.

I love you on purpose today, with purpose for a purpose.


“Woe is me because of my hurt! my wound is grievous: but I said, Truly this is [my] grief, and I must bear it.”(Jeremiah 10:19)

You ever have those moments where you’re like “God im not sure what this test is but im really tired of taking it over and over” See what people don’t realize is you can go to God with your frustration and your pain. Just be respectful. When you unsure question him, challenge him. The easiest thing to do is follow and trust God when all your bills are paid, when your relationship is going right, when the kids are doing what they’re suppose to do. But what do you do when the shut off notices coming in, when you can’t stand to look at your spouse and when them kids are acting like heathens? Do you still trust him? Or do you say why me GOD? I know I have definitely had some why me God moments. But I was hit immediately with WHY NOT YOU? When you’re going through you don’t understand and you have this moment if frustration and hurt. But please trust and believe that GOD has a plan for everything you are going through. Trust that it’s a blessing at the end. Even if it’s not for you.

I come before you on this day asking for forgiveness for the sins I have committed. Father I ask that you remove the hate and hurt from heart. Father I ask that on this day you use me how you see fit. Father I ask that you remove any selfishness that I may have. 2014 has been a tough year full of obstacles and father I am weak. I know you said that when I am weak you will be strong and father I am standing on your word this day. Father I need you like never before to show up in my life. Remove anything that is a distraction from you. Father I ask that you increase my faith so that in times when things are not going as I think they should that I still trust that you have everything under control. Father I love you and I adore you. In jesus name I ask it all Amen….

When You Pray

Whenupray is not just the name of my blog. When you pray to the Lord it should be with great expectation. I pray to God about things that most people would consider stupid, or crazy. I sometimes question why I bother God with all my stuff and then I remember he wants me to. What concerns me concerns him.

God our Father told us that we should bring everything to him in prayer. Don’t worry about anything, but pray and ask God for everything you need, always giving thanks for what you have. And because you belong to Christ Jesus, God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings. His peace can do this far better than our human minds. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭6-7‬ ERV)
Never stop praying. (‭1 Thessalonians‬ ‭5‬:‭17‬ ERV)
Ps 34:10……….”…those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”
Eph 3:20……….”…(God) is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us…”
I am not asking you to take my word on how this thing works and that is why I showed you what God said about it. I ask that you get it deep down in your spirit because it is the key. A steady, consistent prayer life allows you to stand in the face of tragedy. A steady prayer life allows you to trust even when you don’t understand, it allows you to have peace in the middle of a mess, it allows you to live free from guilt and condemnation. I can tell you that if I stay prayed up, my life is exponentially more rewarding.

The last thing I will say is that when you pray, believe it.
You want what you don’t have, so you scheme and kill to get it. You are jealous of what others have, but you can’t get it, so you fight and wage war to take it away from them. Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong—you want only what will give you pleasure. (‭James‬ ‭4‬:‭2-3‬ NLT)