Get yo life!!

There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭21‬:‭30‬ NIV)

Your father was absent from your life. Your mother was strung out on drugs. You lost a mother or father at a young age. Your mother had whore-ish ways. Your father sold drugs. Are these some of the excuses you use to be content with the dysfunction in your life? Are these some of the reasons you decided to be mediocre? Are these some of the reasons you think your foolishness is ok?!

Well let me tell you it’s not!!! Yeah your mom was promiscuous but that doesn’t mean you have to be. Just because your father wasn’t there does not mean you need to lean on different men to satisfy the neglect you may feel. Men it’s definitely not an excuse for you to be sorry. Just because your parents was this or that does not give you the right to be crazy, to lack or to live in dysfunction ourselves.

Listen God said I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. He didn’t say anything about your momma,your grandma or your daddy!! He said YOU. So let’s drop every excuse that may be used to be content with the way we are living. God has a plan for your life and you can’t be lazy or focused on the life your parents or whoever may have lived. So Get yo life!! Literally!!🙌



Friends: How many of us have them!!

My relatives have gone away; my closest friends have forgotten me. (‭Job‬ ‭19‬:‭14‬ NIV)

Does friendship mean I’m only your friend when you’re doing what I want you to?! Does it mean when I make you angry we not friends anymore?! Does it mean when I’m hanging with this group of people you don’t want to deal with me?! See friendship is used so loosely these days. Most of the time the person is nothing more than an associate. Somebody to laugh and joke with or even hangout with from time to time.
True friendship is almost like a marriage. When you sign up to be someone friend you’re saying I love you no matter what. I’m here for you. I will pray for you and your family. I will not sleep with your spouse. I will not talk about you behind your back. When you fall I’m there to pick you up.
I had to learn the hard way about friendship. Being an only child I tend to be a lover. I wanted everybody to be my friend. Buttttt you know it don’t work like that. I’ve dealt with “friends” sleeping with my boyfriend, talking behind back, etc. I mean I’m sure we all have dealt with something along those lines right? When I decided to change my life and start living right is honestly when I felt the loneliest. I remember crying out to God(I told y’all I cried for like 2 years straight) like why am I this lonely trying to live for you?!? He simply stated he was stripping me of the things I was dependent on. Straight checked me! I don’t know if you’ve ever been checked by God but it’s not pretty!!! I went from my phone jumping to wondering if AT&T cut me off. God is a selfish God and trust me when I tell you that he will remove everything in the way of your relationship with him.
During your darkest moments is when you will see who your true friends are. The real ones will be there rooting you on and the conditional ones will be hanging with the next set of people that’s doing what they want them to do. God will send you the people you need for every season of your life. Everybody don’t get to go with you as you progress. Some people want you stuck right there doing nothing with them.. Keep pressing forward. God placed something in your heart and you need to fulfill that task. So don’t be mad when someone walk out your life!!! Don’t chase them, don’t call them. Let them go!!! ✌️


It’s time to wave your white flag!!

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. (‭Romans‬ ‭12‬:‭1‬ NIV)

You’ve tried it YOUR way. Now, where has that gotten you? You’ve tried it the way your friends did it. Have that gotten you anywhere? I’m sure it hasn’t.. I thought I had it all figured out myself. I was sleeping with guys looking for love in all the wrong the places. Getting drunk waking up wondering how I got home. Shopping putting myself in debt to make myself feel better. Allowing my child to see things she should not have seen. But hey I figured it was my life, I do what I want to do.. Let me tell you were that left me. I was broken. Still lonely even after giving myself to different guys. Body tore up from all the drinking. Bank account on E trying to stay fly. My child was calling people cuss words. I was all jacked up!! See God has a way of totally wrecking you. He allows you to see that you can’t do things on your own. I went crawling to God with all my brokenness. I swear I cried for like 2 years straight!!! But I promise you it was the best decision I have ever made. I said all that to say. It’s time!!!! Throw in your white flag and surrender. God is waiting for you with open arms. He want to rebuild you and show you a love that you can’t find anywhere else!! It won’t be easy but I promise it’s worth it. You’ve tried everything else. Now try God!!!

Most gracious father,
I come before you today as humble as I know how to be. Asking for forgiveness for all the sins I have committed knowing and unknowingly. I ask on this day father that you allow people to see you and not me because I don’t have what it takes. Father I ask that you remove anything that may be getting in the way of you and whomever may be reading this. Allow them to see that you are the only way. Father God give them the Faith to step away from anything that may be destroying them. Give them the security in knowing that you handle any situation they may be going through. Father God be the strength that they need to remove individuals from their life that’s toxic. Love on them father like never before!!! Through it all we will give you all the honor and all the praise!!! Hallelujah anyhow Lord!!! In Jesus mighty name I pray and ask it all… Amen!!!


Love yourself not your selfie Part 2

The human spirit is the lamp of the Lord that sheds light on one’s inmost being. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭20‬:‭27‬ NIV)

How many masks do you put on in the morning? You probably don’t even think about it. You have your I’m alright mask that you throw on. Then as your heading to work or school you throw that mask on. When you get around a certain group of individuals you throw on a mask to act a certain way around them. The mask to cover up the pain you may be going through. The mask to cover up your insecurities. Let’s not forget the mask covering up your weaknesses.
Well today is the day that you unmask all the pain and all the heavy burdens you may be going through. Trust me when I tell you It’s ok to say no I’m not alright!!! And It’s definitely alright to be YOU!!! God created you in his image. What does that mean? You are fearfully and wonderfully made!! You are purposeful, you can be weak and know that He is strong for you.. Don’t you dare hold your head down thinking you are less than any man or woman!! God is so dope that he created a lane just for you and guess what?! That is where he will bless you!! No need in trying to be like anyone else or compare your life to anyone else. Your life is just as important as theirs!!!
So from this day forward don’t you dare throw on another mask!! Be you!! Face your life challenges boldly!! Love yourself more than anything!! Let that light shine from within its way more beautiful/handsome than any mask that you can possibly throw on❤️


Love yourself not your Selfie Part 1

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (‭1 Samuel‬ ‭16‬:‭7‬ NIV )

Ladies you can not impress God with your contoured eyebrows or snatched waist. Fellas God does not care that you have ever pair of Jordan’s, Mek Jeans or a Gucci belt. The things that we do to impress others God is so unbothered by it. He care about what’s on the inside. But if you want to impress him clothe yourself in Dignity, hold your head high, know that you are apart of the kingdom so you shall not lack. Paint on Peace so that you will be able to handle any situation that is brought your way. Cover yourself in respect so that you will treat people the way you want to be treated. Just think, the way you make someone feel will last way longer than the way you look.

Dear Father, I come before you this day thanking you for allowing us to see another day. Thank you for protecting us and our families. Thank you for great health this morning. Father God I ask that the spirit of Vanity be removed from anyone that may be reading this. I ask that the spirit to impress others be removed as well. Father God show us that you are the only way. Help us to impress you. Help us to seek you in any and every situation. Looks fade and waistlines get thick. Help us to love and look at people as you do. Material things don’t matter father!! We can’t take none of those things with us so help us to stop worshipping things. Help us to worship you and only you father!! We love you and adore you!! In Jesus name I pray and ask it all. Amen

What’s worth your Soul

Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. (‭Mark‬ ‭8‬:‭34-35‬ NIV)

I know we all want to hear the great miracles that God will perform in our life. We all want heaven doors to open and rain down blessings like never before. But what have YOU done for God lately? The scripture says to pick up your cross and die to self daily. What does that mean you ask?! When you are about to gossip, you don’t. When you are about to betray someone, you don’t. Instead of belittling someone you uplift them. Love more and hate less. I challenge you to figure out what’s more important in your life and act accordingly. If you are constantly saying you are blessed and highly favored I ask you on this day Why?!

Dear father,
I come before you on this day saying thank you for another 24 hours to do your will. I ask for forgiveness for all the sins that I have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Father God I pray that whomever may be reading this has a relationship with you. I hope that truly understand who you are and how you operate. Father I ask that whomever may be reading this be treated as Clay father. Melt them of all the worldly things they have encountered and caused them to be tainted. I ask that you remold them into what you created them to be. Father allow them to face their issues boldly so that they can be corrected. Father I ask that you remove anything from them that may interfere with their relationship with you. Father above all things I pray that they experience the love and comfort that you provide for any situation that they maybe going through. In Jesus mighty name I pray and ask it all. Amen

Got Mountains

‭The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (‭Exodus‬ ‭14‬:‭14‬ NIV)

I know every time somebody make you angry, your first reaction is to snap or get on social media to make a post about how mad you are. But it’s time out for that. You don’t need to fight every battle, entertain every argument. Or try to figure out every situation. The Lord said if you have mustard seed faith he can move mountains!!! Do you know how small a mustard seed is?!? It’s insanely small!! So please Be still and trust him with your mountains!!!

*Mountain dealing with bitterness and Jealousy stand on (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭11‬ NIV) I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

*Mountain dealing with finances stand on (‭Matthew‬ ‭25‬:‭23‬) “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

*Mountain of depression or weakness stand on (‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭12‬:‭9‬ NIV) But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

*Mountain of peace stand on (‭2 Thessalonians‬ ‭3‬:‭16‬ NIV) Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.

*Mountain of self doubt stand on ‭(Psalm‬ ‭139‬:‭14‬ NIV) I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Now, I know I didn’t even cover a fraction of mountains that need to be moved out of our lives. But I want you to see that for every situation we may be going through the answer is But God!!!! ❤️