Fight like a girl: a sisters point of view. 

Please read below as Meleah Denson explain how she fought like a girl with her sister through her diagnosis of breast cancer….🎀
“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose” Rom 8:28. I’ve have had that scripture book marked and highlighted for years. It has been somewhat of a safety net in times of struggle and uncertainty, but I had never actually tested how strong that safety net was until February 2013 when my big sister Daneka was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. 

Hearing the doctor speak those words to my family was like being underwater. I faintly heard bits and pieces of what was being said, but I was overwhelmed and fighting not to sink into fear, sorrow and disappointment. My sister was an otherwise healthy 34 year old. I just could not wrap my mind around why someone so young was hit with such an aggressive cancer. It was unfair and just wrong. I won’t deny I felt anger and resentment towards God, but while I prayed and released my feelings to Him, He reminded me once more that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. I definitely could not understand why my sister and family was chosen to endure this particular situation, but I had to trust that my Father would look out for me. Like Job I had to decide that no matter what my life looks like or what I go through God is still good and I have to always trust Him. 

That’s a hard attitude to adopt when you go from being able to go to your sister for any and everything and being able to rely on her, to her relying on you. My family rallied around my sister and together we gave her all the support she needed. I was with my sister everyday during her fight, right up until she decided to end her fight on Earth and continue it in heaven on June 12, 2015. 

Although my heart wept for the loss of my sister, my spirit was comforted in knowing that there will always be a “good” that manifests from every situation. That “good” may not be manifested for years, but knowing that my sister’s life and fight with cancer was not meaningless helps me hold on to hope and remember her with pride. Watching my sister fight her cancer the way she did stirred something in me. Despite what she was faced with, she refused to give up and when God told her the fight was to be taken up a different way, she didn’t groan or complain, she trusted her assignment. Her relationship with God during her crisis inspired me to reevaluate mine. As I watched my sister love God no matter what, it caused everyone around her to do the same. Even though her health failed, everyone that knew my sister were drawn to her. Just to sit with her, talk with her, pray with her or laugh with her. Her spirit was infectious and lifted everyone around her. As I continue to love and trust God I know my relationship with Him was made stronger because of the inspiration I drew from Daneka. She was nothing short of amazing.

 In her own words found in her journal a few months after she transitioned, “This has been the most frightening thing that I have had to experience. I choose to fight this fight with a smile on my face because I know who is in control and I have faith in Him.” My prayer is that as I endure and wait for the “good” that is to come about from my sister’s fight, that someone else who struggles as they wait will be inspired to continue to trust and love God. Know that your good is already worked out and on its way. 🎀


Fight Like A Girl: a daughters testimony.

In our 2nd week of the Fight like a girl series. We have the daughter of Shaun Davis. Please read below how her life was affected when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer… 🎀

Hi my name is Kailani Davis daughter of Fernando and Shaun Davis and this is my story of how I felt when my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
In October of 2013, my mother told my father and I that she has Breast Cancer, Stage One. It made me sad because we played and had fun as a family. But my mother couldn’t do those things any more.

I felt scared because I thought my mom was not going to live, because my grandmother had passed away 2 year prior, when I was in the third grade she too had Breast Cancer.

My mother had surgery on her right breast, she had 4 chemotherapy treatments, which made her very sick, pale and weak. She lost all of her hair and then had to do 32 radiation treatments for 5 weeks. Throughout all her struggles I never seen my mother sad, in fact 5 days after the cancer was removed in surgery, and she was released from the hospital, she continue to take her college courses and received her Associates Degree in Medical Billing.

My mother has this saying, that she had put on the back of her coat, “I’m not just a Survivor, I’m more than a Conqueror” – Romans 8:37.

My mother Shaun Davis is a 2 year Breast Cancer Survivor. It was a struggle for us but we all made it by the Grace of God.


Fight Like a Girl… Tonja Harden-Shellman

Please join WhenUPray this month as we feature testimonies from women that have been diagnosed with Cancer. This week guest is Tonja. We love her so much. She doesn’t even know that her strength and fight during this time encourages us with the little things we are dealing with. She still encourage others and constantly has a smile on her face. She’s so dope!!  Please read and understand what she is going through and how she is Fighting Like a Girl throughout this test. With God on her side she is UNSTOPPABLE!!!!❤️🎀

My name is Tonja Shellman. Many of you may know me as Tonja Harden or Tonja Rison. In December I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been openly sharing my story with the world because I see it as an opportunity to encourage and inspire others who are faced with with this awful disease. So many people look at it as a death sentence. I don’t. I look at it as God’s way of telling me I’m no different than anyone else. Why me? Why NOT me? He has given me a platform to share my story and show others how to hold your head high, not be ashamed, and face adversity with dignity and grace. Through this journey my faith has been tested and strengthened. There is no greater love than the love of God, family and true friends. I have encountered some AMAZING ppl along the way…from the doctors & nurses at Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, to my awesome church family at First Community Baptist Church in Detroit. They have been a solid force in my life, encouraging me every step of the way. There is a special person that I’d like to give recognition to. My sister Minetta. Every person going through a serious illness should have someone who is willing to give of themselves unselfishly, who is willing to sacrifice everything for the well-being of their loved one. Minetta has been right by my side EVERY step of the way…from the moment I was diagnosed. I owe her so much! She travels to every chemo appt takes notes, keeps the rest of the family abreast of everything, and is just my overall biggest supporter. I say all this to say cancer does not have to be a death sentence. 80% of it is attitude. The battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s! Pray, meditate, and cast your cares upon the Lord. He promises to carry you in your time of need. You just have to have the FAITH…don’t believe me just watch! I’ll see you at the end of this journey walking in the breast cancer walk in October suited and booted with my SURVIVOR gear on. 😁 Be blessed Saints! 😘❤😍IMG_0622