Tiara ๐Ÿ‘‘ Tuesday

You should not be surprised when you walk in a room and people stop and stare…you came dressed to be stared at right? When you walk in a room and people can’t seem to look anywhere else, that’s your presence commanding attention..open your mind and bask in it…expect it. If you enter a room an no one cares, ask yourself what went wrong?  Your personality should be so forceful that people feel the pull of your presence on them, it should ripple along thier skin making it impossible for them to ignore you.  When you enter a room it can’t be just the people who are changed, the atmosphere should literally be forced to stop and acknowledge who you are…you’re a princess baby girl… What can I say? Prince Charles has the same problem, it killed Princess Di…
If you looked at me and judged me to be “something”, I release US from that and I challenge you to speak to me, try and spend 5 minutes talking to me and not about me and find out who I am. My presence can be overwhelming and I won’t apologize for that, it’s who I am, but I love people and I’ll love you too if you give me chance.

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