liquid of rain and rivers:the clear colorless liquid, odorless and tasteless when pure, that occurs as rain, snow, and ice, forms rivers, lakes, and seas, and is essential for life.

Water, think about how it feels going down your throat after a hard work out, a long walk or after a great meal, you can almost feel it restoring vital nutrients to your cells and organs.

Think about how it feels running over your body in the tub or shower. How many days do you come home tired, hot, drained or run down and a you can think is, I need a shower before I take one more step?

You ever have that feeling in life where nothing seems to satisfy you? You know how it is when you’ve been drinking pop and juice all day and your still thirsty? Well after you have thirsted in life for something more, hopefully before you try drugs, sex, alcohol or gambling call me. I know about a man who can have give you something to cure your everlasting thirst for something more, that missing piece, it can feel that void. Living water!

Jesus answered, “You don’t know what God can give you. And you don’t know who I am, the one who asked you for a drink. If you knew, you would have asked me, and I would have given you living water.” (John 4:10 ERV)

If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from their heart. That is what the Scriptures say.” (John 7:38 ERV)

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