God answered me! Oh yes he did

Have you ever prayed and then opened your bible and the answer was right there. Well I’m going to be a little personal and I hope you understand. I have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed in the last few weeks, I’ve been praying and this morning I prayed again and asked God to clear the passages of understanding in my mind. I’ve been feeling so stupid learning something new and not getting a full understanding. It just seems as if everything is pressing hard on my mind and my emotions. I’ve been praying and worshipping extra just to stay balanced. This is the word God sent me, so I shout hallelujah to the God of Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Sheveze. The God who keeps his promises, the God of another chance. I sing hallelujah because when I feel pressed on every side and ask for release, it is given. Thank You Lord for being exactly who I need you to be. Hallelujah!
His answer:
People tell silly stories that don’t agree with God’s truth. Don’t follow what these stories teach. But teach yourself to be devoted to God. Training your body helps you in some ways. But devotion to God helps you in every way. It brings you blessings in this life and in the future life too. You are young, but don’t let anyone treat you as if you are not important. Be an example to show the believers how they should live. Show them by what you say, by the way you live, by your love, by your faith, and by your pure life. (1 Timothy 4:7, 8, 12 ERV)

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