Men of Honor Monday!! 

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (‭Ephesians‬ ‭5‬:‭25‬ NIV)

Most of the time you hear the woman’s perspective on marriage. We are very Vocal about how we feel about things. But you never really hear how the man feel or what his outlook on marriage is. Well today we get to hear from my Friend Kevin Brooks as he discuss his interpretation of Ephesians 5. He has been married 20 years so I think he is qualified!! Read below 👇🏽

Husbands…show your wife what unconditional LOVE looks like. Wives…show your husband what unconditional RESPECT looks like. Neither role is any easier than the other. Neither is predicated on the actions of the other. If we do these from our hearts and not just in deeds marriage will work..The reason I say “from our hearts & not just in deed”,  is because we often try to mimic the actions we think “look like love” or “look like respect” without actually seeing or viewing the person(s) in a loving, respectful, honorable way. WE CAN’T JUST “DO” DIFFERENT,  WE MUST “VIEW” DIFFERENT! 
Marriage isnt a chore or duty. Its a privilege! 
God download’s HIS heart about a person into the heart of another. He chooses the recipients of HIS heart to be THE ONE that gets the opportunity to showcase GOD’s heart to their spouse for the rest of their lives. They have the responsibility to show the other how God feels about them. Anytime the husband is disrespected…or the wife is not loved, its because we have disconnected from the constant feed from heaven that gave us GOD’s heart for them from the beginning. The spouses are not seeing each other properly…and sometimes they’ll try to do what “good spouses” do because we wanna be able to say “we did our part”…but this is a failed or soon fizzled out effort if we’re  attempting this while looking at them through our own eyes. It can only be accomplished if we view each other through God’s eyes. “Disrespect” to a man and “withheld love” from a woman is simply because “for that moment” the spouses have lost sight of who the other really is…marriage becomes a chore when continue to go thru the motions without changing how we view them. 


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  1. Latonya Beauregard Avatar
    Latonya Beauregard

    Wow!!!!! people please read men, women, married couples this is very inspirational and spiritual because it’s more to being married then just saying I do.

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