This week I have featured the young people in my life. Today I offer you a word from Minister Zamir Turner .. grandson of my heart ❤️

To be honest and transparent, sometimes I have an attitude towards God. Not because of the decisions he chooses to make, but rather that he doesn’t consult with me first. I’ve sown in tears and greatly labored in the work of the cross…but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t grow weary while waiting on fruit. Life is littered with moments that remind you that you’re waiting on fruit. I’d argue that we have misconstrued what the fruit of our labor really is and even more so than that, what it really means. It isn’t us watching our child graduate with that degree, or watching that sibling finally get the job offer they’ve been waiting on, or even you reaching the magnanimous goals you’ve set for yourself. Fruit isn’t defined by where it grows…but rather what happens after it’s picked. See with every prayer, conference, elevation, demonstration, and expression of life and love you’re sowing a seed, roots take deep, trunks began to grow, branches elongate, and stems sprout, but the very last thing to grow on the tree is the very thing you planted it for, the fruit. I would petition you to not be concerned with what those you love accomplish or even you yourself achieve, but rather what you all become. After being picked did you provide nourishment for a soul, nutrition for their deficiencies, and offer a sweet remedy for their agonizing pain….or had you allowed external worms and bugs to eat away at your resilience and cause you to rot from the inside out? It’s all a matter of the choices we make. The choice to believe, the choice to press on, the choice to hope again, the choice to remain unshaken by these spasmodic & unsteady days in which we live. I’m praying for the soundness of your choice and although I must bid you farewell I leave you by saying exactly what Jesus said unto Peter as he watched his identity become clear, I’m praying for you…as you wait on your fruit.

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