My Mother

I thank God for a praying mother. I was living my life not caring about God per-say. I was doing things my way. It was only right. I was young feeling like I didn’t have to live a certain way. But let me tell you, I was wrong All wrong. My favorite scripture is 1 Samuel 10:6 because it is so real to my life. The spirit of The Lord came upon me heavy and I turned from my old ways. I stopped drinking, partying and having sex. Yes I gave up sex!!! Was it tough?? Heck yeah but I was on a mission to live right and it was worth all the heartache, all the friendships that I lost,all the guys that wasn’t interested because I wasn’t giving up the goods and plenty more. But God replaced all those drinking friends with women and men of God who shared the same interest as me. So I share a piece of my story to say, you can do it too!!! I also want to thank my wonderful mother(who I will be blogging with) for never giving up on me and for always seeing the best in me when I didn’t see it myself.. I love you to pieces!!! Now let’s save some souls!!!!



My Daughter

My Daughter

We are trying to get this blogging thing going as a forum for TaWanna(My Daughter) and I to share our love of the The Lord in our own way.

I am going to start with a message to my love, the child of my heart, the child of my mind and the child of my soul. I did not plan to be a mother at 17 but I can tell you that the child was a blessing to me. I am not saying that God was in the sin but Hallelujah he looks past the sin. I realize I should not have sinned but the one thing I know for sure, the devil cannot create life. With that being said, he designed her and made plans for her in spite of her earthly mother. I prayed and cried that she would discover The Lord in the same way I have, I am glad God uses good judgement, he made her acquaintance in his own way. lol I am so fortunate to have this opportunity.

You will see post from mother/daughter and I hope you enjoy.