My Daughter

My Daughter

We are trying to get this blogging thing going as a forum for TaWanna(My Daughter) and I to share our love of the The Lord in our own way.

I am going to start with a message to my love, the child of my heart, the child of my mind and the child of my soul. I did not plan to be a mother at 17 but I can tell you that the child was a blessing to me. I am not saying that God was in the sin but Hallelujah he looks past the sin. I realize I should not have sinned but the one thing I know for sure, the devil cannot create life. With that being said, he designed her and made plans for her in spite of her earthly mother. I prayed and cried that she would discover The Lord in the same way I have, I am glad God uses good judgement, he made her acquaintance in his own way. lol I am so fortunate to have this opportunity.

You will see post from mother/daughter and I hope you enjoy.

4 responses to “My Daughter”

  1. April McGee says:

    Sister I believe in my heart that thus is what you were born to do. The things you post on FB are amazing. You are truly an inspiration. Love the way you teach, speak and preach!!!! Love u!!

  2. Rev LaShonda says:

    Although my mom is deceased I am touched emotionally by your love relationship. I am blessed spiritually to know that such a love, respect & adoration for a mother & daughter’s love can exist.

    Many continued blessings!

  3. Latonya Beauregard says:

    I love you sis and my neice you always give me encouraging message. You are so very uplifting. When you stop sending me scripture I was lost some mornings you just don’t know how much this means to me some mornings i wake up and not feeling like myself snd when I pick u p my phone and you have send a prayer first thing in the morning that’s makes my day . I love you and my neice so y’all really will make people different about there day and about there life this is amazing cause sometimes you never know what a person is really going threw . I’m a true believer you must trust in the Lord he will make a way out of no way.

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