Matthew 14:31(nkjv) “And immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him, and said to him O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

How many of us have great FAITH? Well until something happens, right? We believe in God for all his promises until he shake our foundation to see how much faith we have. How great is your faith when the rent is due and you’re short? How great is your faith when your children are acting up? Is it great when you have no money in your pocket and you hungry with no gas for your car? What do you do? Do worry set in? Do you call friends or family for help? I know I worry and my faith is right out the door at times. But we need to have immovable faith. So that no matter what come our way we know and BELIEVE that God will handle it. Not us because we don’t have what it take. Lets focus on trusting God during the storms instead of Facebook, twitter, instagram and phone calls. Lets call on the man who has all the answers. GOD!!!!

Father on this day we stand in unity stating we are throwing worrying right out the door. according to Matthew 6:25-27 you stated that if you can take care of the birds who do not sow or reap why wouldn’t you take care of us. Father instill in us immovable faith. Faith than can withstand any situation. Allow us to trust you as Job did when everything was going against him. Allow us to trust your word Lord God and not lean on our own understanding. Have your way with us father. We vow on this day to trust you and to stand on your word with everything that we have. We honor and adore you Father. We thank you in advance for everything you are about to manifest in our lives. We claim it, receive and ask it all in Jesus name. AMEN!!!!!

One response to “Ipray(faith)”

  1. I am standing in agreement with my Sisters in Christ. Thank You for being the Great I Am and may we trust You totallyin every situation! In Jesus’s Name Amen!

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