Ipray(give me you)

 I’m driving in my car on my way to work this morning. Doing my normal singing, praise dancing and worshipping. Just having a good time with the Lord.(If you havent had car worship I beg you to get in the car cut your music on and zone out. Best time ever) So im singing and the tears start flowing. I sing ” its me Oh Lord, im on my knees crying out to you……Give me you, EVERYTHING ELSE MUST WAIT, Give me you, I just hope im not too Late”

It hit me, we go through out our day rushing to get up, rushing to get the kids ready, rushing to get our spouses to work, rushing to work ourselves. Never taking the time to stop and thank God for the smallest things like WAKING UP this morning. Check the news a lot of people didn’t make it to see today. But you did, He gave you another chance at life, another 24 hours to do what he created you to do. Please lets not waste this day. Get on your knees, go in your prayer closet and talk to God. Everything else can really wait. If you are not spiritually fed, how can you possibly help your family to be. 

Dear father, we come to you on this day begging for forgiveness of the sins we have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Father asking that you remove everything so that we can worship with you. Father we come to you on our knees asking you to see about us. Not our neighbor, not our friends, not our spouse, not our family but US. We need you like never before Lord God. We are crying out asking that you fill us with Peace on this day. father we bind up the spirit of fear and loose courage. Father God you did not give us the spirit, you gave us power and today we stand in unity activating the power that you gave us. We rebuke the devil and all the plans that he has for our lives. We plead the blood of Jesus over our lives Lord God. We will be prosperous, we will be fearful, we will have Joy, peace and love in our lives. No more dysfunctional relationships, no more pain and bitterness. We are daughters and sons to the KING, so we are royalty and today and moving forward we will act as such. We love you father and we thank you for loving us in spite of our flaws. In jesus mighty name we pray and ask it all.

2 responses to “Ipray(give me you)”

  1. That’s awesome Amen

  2. Amen

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