Dear Father, I come to you on behalf of every person and every country that lost a loved on during the tragic bombing of the Towers, the brave citizens on the airplane, the members who were in the pentagon and both bombings of us embassies on this date. Lord we claim you to be The Lord of healing, by your stripes we are healed, not just our physical bodies but also heal our hearts and minds. We proclaim you to be the lamb of God, our peace and our salvation. Father the children of those killed are reaching adulthood, let their hearts be consumed with your grace and mercy so they can live lives free of mental oppression. Let them meet their destiny with arms open wide and their hearts free to love, free to worship. Lord we worship you, we magnify your name. Hallelujah God, we proclaim healing and restoration for our nation, for this country was built on your word, led by your standard and I know the day is coming when we will once again honor the king in our actions, words and laws. I ask these things in Jesus name, knowing it will be done. Amen

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