My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

Lets look at it like this. When you have a medical emergency you go to the ER right, in most cases they just give you something to mask the problem until you can get to your primary care physician. If you think about it, that’s what we do with our life. We have problem after problem after problem but what do we do, we mask or try to hide the problem. Rather it be with shopping, partying, eating or simply just trying to ignore it. The problem is still bubbling on the inside and we are only covering it up. Its time to get to the root of the problems that we have. Its time to get our heart and mind lined up with the word of God. How many relationships are we in that we have never even seeked Gods approval about, then wonder why we are getting dogged and mistreated. Stop trying to get love from an unloving person. Stop putting up with anything because you have low self-esteem. Lets get to the root of this. Seek God, pour your heart out so that you can be healed in the name of Jesus…

Most gracious father, we come to you today with bowed heads and humbled hearts begging for forgiveness of our sins. Father we ask that you show up in our lives to help us heal. Father we ask that you help us to uncover all the masks that we have put on over the years. Help us to be able to love the people who hurt us, help us to the love the people who have mistreated us. Father God we ask that you give us the knowledge needed to be the individuals that you created us to be. Father you created us to have an abundant life not a miserable one. Father remove anything in our lives that separate us from you. Father create in us a clean and pure heart so that we may love as you love. Father rebuke everything that is not of you in our lives. We plead the blood of jesus over our lives on this day…. In Jesus name we pray and ask it all!! Amen!!! 

2 responses to “Ipray(knowledge)”

  1. Yes Lord Amen To God be the glory your word declares for us to cast our cares on you.

  2. Latonya Beauregard Avatar
    Latonya Beauregard

    Amen Lord, Amen thank you.

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