“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons” (1 Corinthians 41:21NIV)


Lets take an inventory of what we think about.. Now lets look at what we spend most of our time on.. The things that we think about and the things that we spend most of our time on shows whats important to us. If you spend all day gossiping and worrying about someone else business that’s whats important to you. If you spend all day on social sites and blog sites then that’s what is important to you. How many hours in a day do we spend giving glory to God? Is it a couple of minutes after all your favorite shows go off, or is it a quick prayer before we fall asleep at night. I know im guilty of most of these and many more things. See the devil want to keep you so busy that you forget to spend time with God. If he can keep you busy with foolishness then he won.

How many times do we feel we can do the Lords work and still play in the world and be cool because of Grace and Mercy? Well just a FYI Grace is given of course because you woke up this morning. However the promises of God are given to us by being doers of the WORD… Whew Lord HELP US.

Father God we come before your throne saying thank you for waking us up this morning. Thank you for allowing us to see another day. Father God we ask for forgiveness for our lack of knowledge and selfish ways. Father give us the wisdom to not only hear your word but to live accordingly.. Thank you for constantly showering us with Grace and Mercy when we KNOW we are not worthy. On this day God if you ask whom shall we serve? We will scream you Lord God.. You are so worthy to be praised.. We love you and we will constantly lift your name on high.. In Jesus name we pray.. AMEN!!



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