Ipray(dont look back)

 “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead” (philippians 3:13NIV)

How much time do we spend looking behind us. Rather it is worrying about why a friendship was lost or wondering could a relationship have made it, if we just gave it one more try. We have so much to look forward too but yet we spend so much time focusing on the past. Today I challenge you to stop stalking your ex page, stop worrying about why people have stop dealing with you. Stop being upset that you didn’t get that promotion. Stop focusing on anything that is not present. God has plans for you but he can’t give them to you if you are worried about the doors that he closed for a REASON…


Father God we come to you this day saying thank you for love and thank you for life.. Father God thank you for sacrificing your son for us knowing that we are so not worthy.. Thank you for just being you!! On this day Father we vow to stop looking behind us and start focusing on whats in front of us!! You wake us up everyday and its time we start taking advantage of the 24hrs you give us. No more pity, no more drama, no more hate, no more worrying, no more being mad at others for their blessings. Father God we will need your strength and power to do these things and we demand them on this day.. Father release positivity in the atmosphere, release peace and love so that people can enjoy the lives that you have given them. Father God you never said this walk would be easy but we know that it is worth it and we will give you our all not just today but everyday!!! In Jesus name we pray and ask it all… AMEN!!!!

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