Remember when you said?

Remember when life got so tough the last time? Remember that when God heard your cry you said you would never forget how he brought you out? You were going to pray every day, keep reading to strengthen your faith and go to church on Sunday. Well, the devil gets in the details don’t he? Are you still praying, still praising and still reading daily? I know, life kicks in and you get busy, you start saying, God knows my heart! He does, he really does. But is that a fact that we are using as an excuse? I’m really asking myself because we all fall victim at some points in our lives. But hallelujah we don’t have to remain victims, lets recommit ourselves today, let’s agree to keep the faith, remember to praise him even though the storm clouds have passed. Let’s praise him because he has done so much. Let’s praise him because he is able. Let’s praise him because we where created for praise and there is nothing better than walking in our destiny.

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, my soul! I will praise him as long as I live; I will sing to my God all my life. (Psalm 146:1, 2 GNTD)

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