Knock knock knock

Dear Father, I am standing here claiming the devil is a liar! He will not rob us in our finances, Lord we know All things work to the good to those that love you and are called according to your purpose! We know that all good and perfect gifts come from you, we know that anything we ask in Jesus name will be given, we know you created the world, it’s financial system, it’s monetary system, you created debt and the money to pay them. You said we lack nothing in you! We are standing on that word Father, we lack nothing! Hallelujah, thank you for being who you said you would be for us. Lord since you have not opened the door to wealth Yet, we are praising you in front of the door, you said knock and it will be opened so we are knocking with praise and worship knowing your deeds will catch up to your word when it’s time. We are standing in agreement on this word Lord, enter in! in Jesus name, Amen.

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