Marriage Part 1 of many

If your excited about being married, this message is not for you. If your ready to be a wife, listen close.

I know many women who are doing whatever it takes for a man to get “A Rock”. Should the carat weight of the diamond be a reflection of his love for you. I’m curious, what represents your love for him? Are you truly ready to be that Proverbs 31 woman? Have you ever looked at what God is calling you to be?

I know weddings are beautiful. The church is decorated, the ladies are looking stunning, the groomsmen are tapered and shaven and those flower girls with their little faces all aglow and the ring bearer crying up the aisle way is adorable. The cake is a beautiful rendition of white confection and flowers, the Food is well planned and delicious. Weddings are great, marriage is work.

The church is now cleared of trellises, glitter and flowers. On the way out of the door they
look back to make sure it’s ready for Sunday’s sermon, they turn off the lights…..fade to darkness.

The hall is now rid of backdrops, food tables, streamers and balloons. The DJ has packed up the music and the lights go off…fade to darkness

Now what is the plan?

Come back tomorrow for part 2

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