“This Life is more than tweets and Likes…Because if God don’t like you that’s a PROBLEM”

How many of us take 121542123 selfies until we get that perfect one(Raise your Hand) I know I do. How many times have you rewritten something until YOU think it sounds perfect? It’s crazy that we spend our days trying to please other people. Or to make people think we have everything together when we know if one string is pulled everything will fall completely apart. Its time out for the fake it until you make it motto. Its time to go to GOD BOLDlY with whatever issue that we may have and trust that he will fix us. But the main thing is be Honest.

Dear Father,

I come to you on this day asking that you forgive me for the sins that I have committed knowingly and unknowingly. Father God I ask that you remove on this day anything that separates me from you. Father I thank you for allowing me to see another day. I thank you for sacrificing your son for a sinful person as myself. Father I ask that whomever is reading this is blessed. I pray that you supply them with the tools that is needed to survive this day. Father I pray for peace in every household. I pray that you are strong for the person that is weak today. Father I Pray that you make the little girl who may feel ugly, feel beautiful. Allow her to understand that you formed her in her mother’s womb and she is beautifully and wonderfully made. Father I pray that you give the man who feels insecure and less than a man, strong. Show him that you created him in your image and that he can conquer anything that he put his mind to. Father God I pray that you show us all that life is more than trying to be cute and impressing people. Father God I pray that you show us all the gifts and talents that you have placed in us so that we can help someone else. Help us father God. We need you like never before. We love you and adore you Father. We ask all these things in your mighty son Jesus name. AMEN

3 responses to “Ipray”

  1. Amen! Right on time.. Often we get caught up in unrealistic things in life, but there is nothing like a good reminder to step back into reality & regain focus! Thanks for the words, the prayer & the message!

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