“Woe is me because of my hurt! my wound is grievous: but I said, Truly this is [my] grief, and I must bear it.”(Jeremiah 10:19)

You ever have those moments where you’re like “God im not sure what this test is but im really tired of taking it over and over” See what people don’t realize is you can go to God with your frustration and your pain. Just be respectful. When you unsure question him, challenge him. The easiest thing to do is follow and trust God when all your bills are paid, when your relationship is going right, when the kids are doing what they’re suppose to do. But what do you do when the shut off notices coming in, when you can’t stand to look at your spouse and when them kids are acting like heathens? Do you still trust him? Or do you say why me GOD? I know I have definitely had some why me God moments. But I was hit immediately with WHY NOT YOU? When you’re going through you don’t understand and you have this moment if frustration and hurt. But please trust and believe that GOD has a plan for everything you are going through. Trust that it’s a blessing at the end. Even if it’s not for you.

I come before you on this day asking for forgiveness for the sins I have committed. Father I ask that you remove the hate and hurt from heart. Father I ask that on this day you use me how you see fit. Father I ask that you remove any selfishness that I may have. 2014 has been a tough year full of obstacles and father I am weak. I know you said that when I am weak you will be strong and father I am standing on your word this day. Father I need you like never before to show up in my life. Remove anything that is a distraction from you. Father I ask that you increase my faith so that in times when things are not going as I think they should that I still trust that you have everything under control. Father I love you and I adore you. In jesus name I ask it all Amen….

One response to “Ipray-Hurt”

  1. Lord your Grace and your Mercy Amen

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