the act or words of a person who blesses.

a special favor, mercy, or benefit:
“the blessings of liberty.”

a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.

the invoking of God’s favor upon a person:
“The son was denied his father’s blessing.”

Blessed and Highly favored seem to be the new “it” words. I think along the way people may have forgotten the real meaning of a Blessing. So guess what? Im here to help!! When God Bless you, it will not cause a strain on your life. For instance, God will not bless you with a Home you can’t afford, A car payment that you can’t pay for, He does not bless you by giving you someone else man(husband). When you get extra money back from the cashier at the bank or grocery store that’s not a blessing. I think at some point we all get it twisted. See a blessing is being able to WAKE up every morning, being able to open your eyes, move your limbs. Kiss your children, turn the lights on, turn the faucet on and water come out. Open the refrigerator and its food to eat. Now im not saying that God wont bless you with material things im just saying don’t consider whether you are blessed or not by those things. So lets stop evaluating the lives of our friends and family by material things. The girl or guy you may be admiring because he/she has that new Range Rover and a huge house may be admiring you for something simple like a mother or father, family support etc. Focus on God and God alone and I promise you will never be heading in the wrong direction again.

Dear Lord, I come before you on this day as humble as I know how to be. First thanking you for allowing me to see another day. Allowing me to be able to kiss my children and love on them. Thank you for family, Thank you for a job to be able to report too. Thank you for your grace and mercy that you bestow upon us even when we are not worthy. Father I ask that you give us clarity on this day. Allow us to see things as you see them. Help to lead us in the right direction. Help us to understand that we don’t deserve anything that you give us. Help us to stop being vain and selfish. Help us to love or brothers and sisters instead of hating them. In first Corinthians you are very clear on what love is and many of us fail daily. Lord God help us to Love as you love. Help us to understand the meaning of serving(helping) others. Father you are so clear as to how you want us to live our lives in the bible and many of us don’t bother to read or understand it, so on this day I ask that you give us a sound and clear mind to hear your word and to also receive it and apply it to our lives daily. I ask that you continue to be by our side. Father we can not make it without you. I love you father and I adore you. In Jesus name I pray and ask it all. Amen

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