Mama, let them go!

Psalms 143:1-2 ERV
Lord, hear my prayer. Listen to my call for help and answer my prayer. Show me how good and loyal you are.   Don’t judge me, your servant. No one alive could be judged innocent by your standards.

I was reading the many post on Whenupray where my daughter has openly shared her journey through her faith walk. Many of her posts have me in tears because she is open and honest about the path she took to Christ. her openness took my mind on a faith journey. I was reminded that every step along her walk I was there. I often tell people the hardest thing I have ever had to do is be the parent to an adult women. So many times I want to try and solve her problems, Heal her broken heart, make her dreams come true and slay anything that gets in her way. Oh I tried it and I remember crying out to God, begging him to help my child, begging, pleading and fasting for him to show her his glory. Well, if you know God you know he answered my prayers but not the way you think. Oh no, God is an original so he answered me clearly on this, I woke up shaking. I could hear him in my head saying “I will be her God if you get out of my way”. I was part of the problem. Why would she trust God, lean on him and depend on his guidance when I was there playing God in her life? Throwing money at her problems, assisting her in her drama while thinking I was doing the right thing. I never realized that my faith was for me,  she had to learn to trust God for herself. So I prayed, cried, fasted and let go! I never stopped loving her, cheering for her, praying for her and trusting that the God of my salvation was God enough for her too.
Parents, it’s ok to let go and watch God work.


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