Men of Honor Monday-Finale

In conclusion of our 4 week Men of Honor series I decided to have my father close us out.  Not only because he is my Father but because he is rare. I had the honor of watching him grow up and he amazes me more and more each day. He is the realist person you could ever meet. Im not gone say much because I could go on and on… So please read below as he discuss how he transformed from being just a husband to being what God called him to be and from Dopeman to being a Deacon..  Its a little long but I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

This is a short story about a young boy and a young girl who became not only a man and woman but who became one. We met at the age of 15 in 1980 had two children TaWanna and Krystal Anderson, Krystal passed away at the age of 8 months. TaWanna is the one posting these blogs along with her mother. A lot of people go a lifetime trying to meet their favorite person;God gave me the pleasure of raising mines. Sheveze and Icourted for 10 years, got married, broke up, got back together and with God and only God we’re still together at the age of 50 years old and we are stronger than ever. (Applause expected). Ain’t God good? That is what it took and takes (please believe). Let me start out saying that you have to be equally yoked, keep in mind at the age of 15 all we knew about yoke was it came inside of an egg (smile). God knew what he was doing when we didn’t.


Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness and communion has light and day. 

We did not see that because I had not given myself to Christ yet. I was full of folly and shenanigans. Here was a young man born under the name of Michael L. Anderson that was raised by his grandparents from day one, mom and pops were on some other stuff at that time, but that is a whole nother story. I was brought up in a spiritual home but the “Church” thing wasn’t forced on me, remember grandparents let you get away with murder.  My foundation was excellent, I was taught and also witnessed love; I was brought up to have morals and a conscious. The seed was definitely planted in me; I was raised by a real man. I never saw my grandparents argue; they would get in the car and take a ride when there was a disagreement and come back with it resolved. A lot of folks would marvel over that but what that taught me was how not to argue with a loved one. When you truly love someone regardless of what the situation is there is certain things you do not say. Because I never saw how it was resolved, I had no filter. When I would argue with Sheveze (the love of my life) I would say the first thing that came out of my big mouth. I didn’t know better, but I knew love. Regardless what choices you make in life, if your roots/seeds are planted right, whether you use the tool or not there will always be a passionate side to you. 


Here is a young lady born under the name of Sheveze R Mitchell who was brought up in disarray, no solid foundation, living place to place not knowing if her home would be there or where her next meal was coming from. Not knowing when the doors on the house would be kicked in by the police because of her mother’s lifestyle of selling and using drugs. My parents wereon the same stuff but I was blessed to have an alternative and stay with my grandparents. I was spoiled and had everything and she didn’t, that is one of the reasons she appreciated things and I didn’t. Her mom’s would tell her she was going to the store and be gone for days. Most kids today would do the opposite of what Sheveze did if their parents were gone for days. Sheveze went to school every day regardless of what her situation was because that is where she found peace and love. Let me add that she is a heavy reader and this is another way for her to escape. (she is very intelligent). She read many books ignoring my foolishness.


One day at Flint Central High School “1980” after school I am doing my thing and she is doing hers, we met and exchanged a few words and went on about our way. A friend of mines was having a house party (he was Sheveze’s cousin) He asked me toDJ. I said cool, not knowing Sheveze was going to be there. She came in after the party started, I was spinning records real good, I saw her. I’m thinking like I’m about to do something with thisJ.  When the party ended most of us stayed all night, we sat up talking about the people who were in our lives at the time that was it. I was thinking I might get a kiss or something next thing I knew we were an item. We talked every chance we got; we used to fall asleep on the phone sometimes (puppy love stuff) etc. One thing she shared with me that really stuck with me was that she did not want to have anything to do with somebody that was in the streets because of her upbringing, now that she had her life under control that was “No-No” never again. I was like cool, knowing I was street as hell, not by nature but by choice. My crew was something else, but let me go back to the word choice. Every time I hear that word I think of my granddaughter Nyla.  One day I picked her up from school and I asked her what was wrong because she had this down look on her face. She replied Paw Paw I made bad choices today and I got in trouble, I love her to death…I was good at making bad choices.  Sheveze and I were a hit; she became pregnant during our senior year. I was like cool, we gone have this baby, get our own place and live happily ever after. I was still running the streets and making moves, Sheveze is loyal and faithful as hell. I’m selling drugs, using drugs, cheating on her and doing all kinds of ungodly things. I was talking reckless to her, I was just fooling. The only thing that was keeping me covered at that time was all the folks that were praying for me, Big Mama and the prayer warriors. I n ever said anything to her but I used to ask God why he would allow us to come together before him with this marriage knowing I’m not doing right. He knows everything I am out here doing. His answer was revealed later, but at the time I didn’t know how to receive someone that I had not accepted (Jesus). Life goes on and I am doing the same thingswondering why I’m not getting different results. I had a beautiful family at home and I’m in the streets chasing money and women. I found myself not trusting this loyal woman because I couldn’t trust myself. (I look back and realize this was some crazy stuff) I have done things to  my wife that made me feel like I did not deserve that “Queen”. I even asked her why she put up with my stuff and her reply was “my flesh told me many nights to leave you or do something to you I would regret but my God said stand and let him work it out.” She said she was doing the Godly thing before me and I couldn’t even see it. She said the God she serves knew there was more to me than what I was doing so she would wait “patiently” on me. I was serving the devil, running in and out the house, throwing money around like I was doing something. I was once again missing the picture, what was needed was quality time, which was what was important. See I was doing “Daddy” stuff not “Father stuff”, how can you be a husband and parent when you are not present?  I was totally out of control. 

1 Tim 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. For which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness and pierced themselves through many sorrows.



Then it happened, I got caught selling drugs, oh yeah its time to pay the piper. That is when the light clicked on. A lot of time it takes a tragedy or hitting rock bottom before you will wake up. That was my bottom. I started going to church, it was funny how that happened. I was sitting in the parking lot of the store down the street from Ebenezer Ministries in my car and Bishop UrandiKnox pulled up, he was the pastor at that time. We started talking and I was sharing my story which he already knew, you know how the streets talk. I told him that I was ready to come to church but I didn’t want to do it at this bad time in my life because that is when everybody jumps into church. (Pride thing).  Bishop’s words to me were “Mike, this is where you need to be. If you are sick, this is the place for healing and if you’re sincere whatever I or Ebenezer can do to support you and your family, it’s done. I told him thanks and the next Sunday my family and I were in church.

I repented, Psalms 32:5

I acknowledged my sin to you and I did not cover my inequity: I said I will confess my transgression to the Lord and you forgive the inequity of my sins.


I was OK after that and I asked my wife and my family for forgiveness. That was a beautiful day, the day my wife had been waiting for. Thank God that she didn’t give up on me; she knew was a diamond in the rough. One thing we all know is diamonds have flaws but everybody wants one. A little food for thought, you may want to get a dish.

After all this time I finally get the picture, it wasn’t about me it was about God. Forever Always Must I Love You. (FAMILY). I have become the man God called me to be for him, my family and my community (Keep in mind I am a diamond and they have flaws). I have found my place in my marriage and my life. I am the head, if you think about it I was the head from day one,it just wasn’t on right. Everything I did I was the head; I came out of my mother’s wound head first now through Jesus Christ I’m the head of my life, wife and family. WOW, ain’t God good?? All it took was being obedient. I have never been a follower until I started following God’s word, excellent time to be a follower.

Proverb 13:13

Whoever scorns instructions will pay for it but whoever respects a command is rewarded.

Mathew 6:33

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.


Everything was coming together, keep in mind I still had to go away and do that time from when I was working for the devil. See the devil doesn’t take installment payments, when it is time to pay up, he wants it all in full. You pay with your life. I was cool with that because God had already let my family know that it was going to be OK. He worked miracles throughout the whole sentencing, which is a whole other story; let’s just say God is good. My wife was provided for, my daughter was provided for and I was provided for. I used that time to get closer to God and to take self-inventory and prioritize my life.  When I came home after a few years God saw to it that life was good and things were in order. That is a hell of a word “Order”. 


God was there through it all I just had to make the “Choice”. Who would of have known besides God and my wife (who was way ahead of me in the spiritual game) that I would go from “Disobedience” to “Dope Man” to “Deacon”. The only thing those words have in common is they all start with the letter D. The outcomes of the words are totally different, wow another “D”. Two of those words will get you death, one will get you eternal life in the kingdom. I choose the latter. Thank God!

Cor 5:17

Therefore if anyone is in Crist he is a new creation, the old passed away behold, the new has come.

John 1: 12-13

But to all who believed in him and accepted him he gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn not with a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan, but a birth that comes from God. 

4 responses to “Men of Honor Monday-Finale”

  1. LaTonya Beauregard Avatar
    LaTonya Beauregard

    Wow my Brother is awesome I love you Always then but I love the man you have become this awesome may God be the Glory a lot of peopl really need to read this especially our men I just read it to my husband and cried threw the hold thing and this is very powerful please read this

  2. Man words can’t describe how reading this story leaves me with so much more respect and admiration for my Father-In Law. I’ve heard stories and been around for over a decade but to hear it come straight from him. WOW!!! All I can say is thanks PoPs for the inspiration and man!!! GOD is beyond Good HE is the Greatest!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍🙌🙌

  3. Oh My God! My God!! Won’t He Do It!! This Finale was Awesome, every word touched my spirit. I am FULL because this man is a walking, living testimony that God shows Up and shows Out. Nothing put Praises for the entire Family. PRAISE HIS MIGHTY MIGHTY NAME!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! We appreciate you!!!

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