Women to Praise Wednesday!

Week 3 of our series on Transforming into a Woman of God. We have the pleasure of hearing from The creator/founder/owner of Daughter to the King!! Kyona McGee!! Please read below as she discuss how to deal with being in a dry place. When everybody around you seem to have it together and you’re sitting there like umm God, hello have you forgot about ME!!! You will be blessed, because I was!!

Have I reached my plateau, or is this just a dry transition season?
When everyone around you seems to be flourishing in their careers, relationships or academics, while you feel like youʼre stuck in a rut, itʼs a common theme to ask yourself, “Have I reached my plateau, or is this just a dry transition season?”
Iʼm here to command that you tell Satan to back out of your ear, and have several seats.
You have not reached your plateau until you meet Jesus, and undoubtedly this is simply dry transition season — But fret not, it too shall pass.
Iʼve been there, Iʼll share the key to getting through it.
I was once stuck, so over nothing “BIG” happening for me, tired of hearing about everyone else “living their dreams.” Oh, and donʼt let me hear about someone going to law school. *insert red emoji face* You talk about make my skin crawl….. honey that would do it!
I was not in a good place spiritually or mentally. It was my dream to go to law school, but I was not accepted, so I was working a regular 9:00-5:00. I was making a difference, I was getting paid “good money,” had an amazing boss… but I was not happy. I was not passionate, I was stuck. I felt like my best days must have passed me by without my knowing. Little did I know, God was shifting around pieces in my favor, behind the scenes to allow me to live the life I know he created just for me.
Years later, after getting married, and having a beautiful daughter, I was randomly (and when I say completely random… I mean random!) accepted to law school. According to the academics office, their admission requirements had changed and I was able to start the upcoming fall! God made sure I had the $10,000 to pay for classes, and the arm and leg it costs to cover my books! How? The same way he turned water in to wine…via a divine miracle.
Now, how did I not give up during that season?
To be honest, I did give up on it. I really began to think that maybe it wasnʼt the plan he had for me and I just needed to learn how to be okay with that. But isn’t it funny that God already told us that he will be faithful, even when we are faithless? (2 Timothy 2:13)
Its human nature to feel stuck every now and again, but it becomes sin when you begin to doubt God and His character. He said that He “has a plan for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” (Jeremiah 29:11). He said that He would keep no good thing away from those who do right. (Psalm 84:11). He said that He will instruct thee and teach you the way to go (Psalms 32:8). His promises are endless but they come with the condition of obedience. Your obedience will get you through this. I know that’s furthest from what you wanted to hear, but I’d be wrong from telling you the key is anything else.
The Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22); So when you are tempted to go down a different path, when you’re tempted to get jealous of your friend’s growth, or when you find the success of another equates to pain for you… Check yourself.
You will fall short from time to time. You’ll have to cast down thoughts sent to you by Satan often, but don’t let bitterness become a way of life in this season. Admit that your wrong, and then crack open that Bible to meditate on His plans for you. Your time is coming. He is planning a great reveal on your behalf, but if you never learn to clap for others, you’ll find yourself lonely in a silent room when the curtains are finally pulled open for you.
Remain obedient, love.
Greater is coming

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