Trust you say, mmmmm!

But each one of you must love his wife as he loves himself. And a wife must respect her husband.
Ephesians 5:33 ERV

I was riding in the car today thinking about my Husband,  how he is always thinking about the family and what’s best for us.

I used to be able to tell you everything thing that was wrong with him.  I could catalog his transgressions and count off the wrongs he had done with little thought.  The devil helped me keep a running count.

Sometimes I feel like a spoiled brat.  Michael will do something that I don’t understand then I feel like a jerk when he explains things.  Michael wants what’s best for our family and he tries to make sure all of our needs are met.  Out of this desire he has made some bad decisions but now I realize he was trying to make sure we were OK.  I have never in 35 years not had what I needed.  I’ve never been hungry,  homeless or without resources because he has worked like a dog to make ends meet.
He bought me a new car,  it seemed like an impulse decision and I was unsure what to do.  God told me to be still.  Michael felt unsure about his surprise because my reaction did not match his intentions.  Well I just waited and he finally he told me he was worried about me driving the Kia another winter because the Kia did not handle icy weather well.  He went and bought me an all wheel vehicle because he was concerned for my safety.  Here I was ready to be mad that he bought a new vehicle while we are in the middle of a major home renovation but he was only thinking of me. 

I say all this to say women,  we may not always understand why our husbands  make some decisions but I challenge you to trust him.  Trust that he is listening to God and has your families best interest in mind. Talk to each other and start to learn how the other thinks, and when you’re not clear, ASK! This situation reminded me that I know this man’s character and we are a team. One team, one fight.

But when God made the world, ‘he made people male and female.’  ‘That is why a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife. And the two people will become one.’ So they are no longer two, but one. God has joined them together, so no one should separate them.”
Mark 10:6-9 ERV

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