Fight Like A Girl: a daughters testimony.

In our 2nd week of the Fight like a girl series. We have the daughter of Shaun Davis. Please read below how her life was affected when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer… 🎀

Hi my name is Kailani Davis daughter of Fernando and Shaun Davis and this is my story of how I felt when my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
In October of 2013, my mother told my father and I that she has Breast Cancer, Stage One. It made me sad because we played and had fun as a family. But my mother couldn’t do those things any more.

I felt scared because I thought my mom was not going to live, because my grandmother had passed away 2 year prior, when I was in the third grade she too had Breast Cancer.

My mother had surgery on her right breast, she had 4 chemotherapy treatments, which made her very sick, pale and weak. She lost all of her hair and then had to do 32 radiation treatments for 5 weeks. Throughout all her struggles I never seen my mother sad, in fact 5 days after the cancer was removed in surgery, and she was released from the hospital, she continue to take her college courses and received her Associates Degree in Medical Billing.

My mother has this saying, that she had put on the back of her coat, “I’m not just a Survivor, I’m more than a Conqueror” – Romans 8:37.

My mother Shaun Davis is a 2 year Breast Cancer Survivor. It was a struggle for us but we all made it by the Grace of God.


3 responses to “Fight Like A Girl: a daughters testimony.”

  1. KalianI your dad and I are so proud of you for telling your story, I know you wanted to say more, but what you said was more than enough, keep growing in God. We love you, you awesome young lady of God, be Blessed my daughter!

  2. Samecika Williams Avatar
    Samecika Williams

    Kaliani, you’re growing up to be a beautiful young lady. It’s a blessing to be able to tell your story. It’s a testimony and you don’t know who you are blessing! There’s another young lady going through what you went through and you just helped her overcome. Love you girl and I’m so proud of you!!!

    1. I glad that that young lady was blessed, we need to open up and share with the world, it helps to know what other people know to help your situation, love you Semecika!

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