The Month of Men part 2

Please read below as Omar Guy send some encouragement to the real men. The men that no matter the circumstances stayed in their child’s life and did whatever  to make things happen. I’ve witnessed him alongside his wife raising 5 children. Never giving up and always striving to be better for his family. So keep on reading. You won’t be disappointed.. 

Today is a day to appreciate the fathers of the world. To the men whose been there from the beginning till the end..From the delivery to the graduation stage. Real fathers, real men. We should applaud them all. Being a father is a real tribute! To see a younger version of u Grow into a “GREATER”  version of you is such a blessing that any one man can be thankful for. Not everyday is going to easy as a father, but its your duty.  Through it all be the best father figure u can be. Remember being a father doesn’t come natural we gotta make mistakes. So be honest to your children and walk with them through it all. Fatherhood is no race. We are constantly learning all the way through.
As a man u grow and experience life…as a father u watch your seed grow and experience life. One of the greatest achievements in life is to watch your seed grow and bloom into this beautiful image of a human being. Our sons watch and mimic us. Our daughters look for that image in her future spouse. So a father should be way more than a donor. He is the guidance that mold a young man or young womans future. 

Being a father is that stern “NO” sometimes when u have to discipline. Being a father means even being the bad guy cause we know that’s What real father’s are…lol… But all in all we do it to make sure things go as they should. So not to over shine the mother’s but a father is a real essential key in the life of a child growth and development. I learned alot from my first born. He taught me so much more than for me to say I got a kid or I got my JR…. It was my right and wrongs that I knew I had to fix for him and the children I would have in the future. So with that I wanna wish all the real FATHER’S a Happy Father’s day!


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