For your glory…

For your glory… 
We sing this song all the time… ” for your glory I will do ANYTHING..” We be crying and all in!! But what happens when it’s time to do that anything?!? 

Like when your kids start acting crazy. But you gotta do “anything” so that people can have hope for their children.. 
What about when your supervisor is disrespectful and God need you to do “anything” because somebody need to see the correct way to respond when someone is being disrespectful to you. Are you still willing to do anything?

What about when your marriage is failing and you want out. But God need you to do “anything” so that people can see marriages can last. That two people can function and operate together!! 
How about when your health it failing. And you don’t even want to get out the bed. But God need you to do “anything” so that someone, even if it’s one person. Can see that if you made it through, they can make it too!!! Are you still willing to do anything? 
See it’s easy to sing the song. But when it’s time for action it’s totally different. It’s easy to cheer and pray for your friends and family when they are going through. 
Yeah girl, keep the faith…. Praise him, keep your head up… No worries!!! You know the stuff we say. 

I can honestly say when it’s time to do that “anything” it may not always be pretty. You may feel as though you can’t make it through!! But I promise you will. 
I’ve been going through my “anything” since April. Yeah April!!! 

I never understood the scripture “be anxious for nothing”(philippians 4:6) until anxiety and panic attacks took over my life. 

I mean barely able to function!!! Getting up in the morning was the hardest thing in life!! I would be nauseous, dizzy and everything else. But I got up and I went to work, suffered for 8 hours. Came home and still had to function for my children and husband. The best part of my day was sleep!!! I still went to church and still kept a smile on my face. Even though every second I wanted to cry!! 

No pity parties for me though. Im just here to share my testimony with someone that said the same thing I did. God, I will do anything!!! So I’m doing. Keeping my Faith on high and knowing that this too shall pass!!!
Love you!!! 


3 responses to “For your glory…”

  1. Proud Husband Moment!!! Your Stength, Your Courage and Your Transparency mixed with Your Faith, Your Trust and Your Love! Is exactly why your sooooo dope! 😘

  2. Thanks for sharing, I can totally relate. Anxiety and depression has ran my life for a while now but I’ve been focused on being and getting better for my son (and I just don’t wanna live like this anymore). So I have encouraged others on things I needed encouragement with, which is helpful. Taking it one day at a time, knowing that my God gives me strength when I don’t feel like I can!!!!

    1. Yes!! We will overcome this!!!! When God said abundantly life, depression and anxiety was not apart of it!! So it’s a lie from the devil and we can’t entertain it!! ❤️

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