Fatherhood looks like this too

Below is another example of fatherhood by Jeremy Montgomery. Fatherhood in a blended family adds another dynamic. I love this ❤️ and I hope you find something that touches your heart.

Real fathers, real men at work! 

Good evening! I was asked by When U Pray to give a little summary on not only being a father to my 2 beautiful angels but also being a father to 4 other little angels that are a part of this beautiful blended family/relationship that I’m in. Well…..here it goes😨 Please for one moment don’t look at me or anyone for that matter that happens to be a part of a blended family/relationship and think…wow that’s a piece of cake or…that would be a breeze to be in that relationship because it’s not. There are things and situitations that you have to become accustom to dealing with that you may have not considered or mentally prepared yourself for. See…in my opinion, anyone can be a dad and pull that off but you have to be built for the task of being a father. (IT TAKES A REAL MAN). I remember when I found out I was having my first child which is my son! I couldn’t hardly wait until he arrived!!!! Ooooo I just wanted to hold him and talk to him and teach him everything I though I knew as a young man. Before he arrived, I remember feeling so proud that I was getting ready to be a father! I knew in my mind and heart that i didn’t wanna just be a dad but a FATHER. I then began to prepare myself…..I went to every single dr. Appointment with my children’s mom, I went shopping for my son, started to fix the house up to make it kid friendly😏 Long story short…..my son is here, healthy, and doing well and I haven’t left his side since God placed him him here on this earth! Then along came my beautiful daughter❤️❤️❤️ This birth changed the entire way I looked at things. Having a daughter caused me to be more humble, caused me to listen first before yelling trying to get my point across, to be slow to speak and swift to hear, to be more gentle, to be more understanding, and much much much more! I thank God for the understanding he has bestowed upon me to be able to raise my children and not run out on my responsibilities and let some other man or the streets raise them. To me, fatherhood means the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 2 1/2 years ago, I met a new special young lady. We started dating and I must admit that in the beginning I was a little tiny bit nervous because as we started going over the “getting to know each other” part, she stated that she had 4 children. What a nail biter right?! The answer is NO!!! When you establish a relationship that developes into love then you take on any and every bit of good and bad, ups and downs, rights and wrongs, and anything else that may come along with this relationship. So that’s exactly what I did! I jumped in head first and I haven’t stopped or looked back in 2 1/2 years. Things haven’t been easy but you continue to pray and fight, you’ll see a totally different outcome. When dealing with a blended family, you have to be prepared for a range of different things such as attitudes that you haven’t had deal with before all the way down to a difference in parenting children. PATIENCE is the key in a blend family! This beautiful woman that I speak of that also happens to have 4 children that I may add happens to be the new love of my life, a mother figure to my children, my best friend, and my partner! Also….she’ll be my wife in 56 days!!! (She already said yes lol😍😍) This relationship may not be anything to anyone else but it my little piece of heaven! I’m happy, my children are happy, my fiancé is happy, her children are happy, AS A BLENDED FAMILY…WE ARE HAPPY!

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