What is a multitude





a large number.

“a multitude of medical conditions are due to being overweight”

If love covers a multitude of sins does that mean all? If you ask me the answer is oh yeah! If you ask God I bet his answer is would be “if the multitude doesn’t cover it, I bet the blood does”! Oh yeas I know the blood still works , oh yes I know the blood still works. It will never, ever, lose its

Power! ( did y’all sing that part? Me too😂😂😂)

Really all I am trying to say is, love each other. Love past the hurt and the blame, love past the guilt and the shame. Forgive each other easily, assume good intent, don’t jump to conclusions, that just makes you tired and usually wrong. If someone offends you, ask them to explain what they meant because let’s face it, we misunderstand people a lot. And even if they meant it, maybe they didn’t mean to offend.

Give people the opportunity to explain, you may be surprised and learn something new about them or you.

I’m not hear to preach today just to remind you that I love you! To remind you to be intentional about your life, don’t let emotion sway you, you’ll be out here lost and alone but not unloved, because I love you.

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