I am not depressed

I am not depressed, I’m sad

I am not depressed, I’m grieving

I am not depressed, I’m figuring it out

I am not depressed, I’m learning my new reality.

I am trying to learn how to live in this world with you in it. You were the sun that I gravitated around, the moon that lit my path in the dark. You were my rock and my voice of reason. You were my friend and my confidante. You were my Daddy!

Daddy, you taught me so much, how to live, how to love, how to be thankful in all things, you taught me to forgive and how to enjoy my life. You showed me love unlimited, you taught me how a man should treat me. You took me to my first champagne brunch, bought me my first designer bag and shoes because you didn’t want a man buying my virtue with things That I wasn’t used to. You taught me to pay my bills and keep my credit right. You told me to love my mom despite our differences. You taught me how to do everything but live without you!

Yeah, I’m grieving you dad but not in despair, not like there is no hope. I believe I will see you again..

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