A Lovely Day

This week I am featuring the young people in my life. My God daughter blessed us with this.

“When I wake up in the morning love , and the sunlight hurts my eyes. And something without warning love, bears heavy on my mind…. Then I look at you… and the worlds all right with me. Just one look at you and I know it’s gonna be….A lovely day.”


I have heard this song for as long as I can remember and I just loved the stride in the beat. It wasn’t until this year where the lyrics and the meaning behind the cadence really allowed me to hear it from a different space. This past year I have been on a consistent journey to be mindful of the things I say and the thoughts I keep. I would wake up , give reference to God , thank him for waking me up, ask for a great day. Then have the nerve to say “ ughh today is going to be annoying”., after I just prayed and ask God for a great day. I know, the audacity…


So truth is , I have had such a negative way of thinking for so long ,I hadn’t noticed that I had subconsciously wired my being to think so negatively. I could feel excited about my day with genuine happy intentions , but my thoughts were so dark I couldn’t feel jubilant if I tried.


I was tired and over it, I wanted to go beyond my mind and learn to speak, walk, breathe  and even dance myself to the life I wanted. I begin challenging my trained thoughts with  the truths I wanted. It wasn’t easy, some days it would take me about 15 minutes to complete a thought or affirmation out loud or in my mind. But I was determined . I figured since my negative thinking has brought darkness the positive thoughts are bound to bring the sunshine.


Then I remembered, that I have the power to choose cadence of my  day and how I want to approach the things I think and speak . Let me be honest it took a LONG time and there were challenges. Some challenges where I did break down and bring on the dark cloud thoughts. But I remember how that darkness felt and it got to a point where I tried to say something lousy and I couldn’t. This is not an easy process take ALL time that you need. Please be patient and kind to yourself, there is only one you.


It was the morning after a challenging day. I was washing my face and looked in the mirror and started singing… “ when I look at you and the worlds alright with me . Just one look at you and  know it’s gonna be…..A lovely dayyyyyyy!” I felt each and every note all over my body and fir the first time in a long time I BELIEVED today will be great no matter what.


I just want all the lovelies from coast to coast to know  we possess so much power that is rightfully ours. Even when it things look to be chaotic , heartbreaking or all things in between. I encourage you to choose the thoughts that you want to see reflected in your life. Feeling somber.. speak joy.  Stressful day ahead.. speak strength . Take it one thought at a time.


Let’s practice together! When  I pray, I chose to believe what the Father says about me. He believes I am fearfully and wonderfully made.! See, look at how brave you are! You choose to speak great things over your life! Its only up from here. I am confident in you!


I hope something I said will encourage you to challenge those gloomy thoughts with pleasant affirming ones instead. You are in charge if your frequency , raise it every chance you get 😊


With all of my LOVE!!



One response to “A Lovely Day”

  1. Thank you for all the encouragement you have shared over the years. I am positive about God, Life, Direction, and how God instructions all of us to Love one another. Some people don’t abide by God’s Word. Many know the truth but don’t care because their focus is to destroy others. I stay in my lane. Following Gods way is the only way to Obedience to Him. Stay Blessed, Much Love. Auntie

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