My Mother

I thank God for a praying mother. I was living my life not caring about God per-say. I was doing things my way. It was only right. I was young feeling like I didn’t have to live a certain way. But let me tell you, I was wrong All wrong. My favorite scripture is 1 Samuel 10:6 because it is so real to my life. The spirit of The Lord came upon me heavy and I turned from my old ways. I stopped drinking, partying and having sex. Yes I gave up sex!!! Was it tough?? Heck yeah but I was on a mission to live right and it was worth all the heartache, all the friendships that I lost,all the guys that wasn’t interested because I wasn’t giving up the goods and plenty more. But God replaced all those drinking friends with women and men of God who shared the same interest as me. So I share a piece of my story to say, you can do it too!!! I also want to thank my wonderful mother(who I will be blogging with) for never giving up on me and for always seeing the best in me when I didn’t see it myself.. I love you to pieces!!! Now let’s save some souls!!!!


7 responses to “My Mother”

  1. Great testimony TT.

  2. A prayerful mother is a powerful mother 🙂

    1. Yes!! I know that it was her prayers that kept me covered when I didnt know how to pray for myself. Thank you for your comment!!

  3. I LOVE THE LORD, HE HEARD MY CRY! He LOOKED BEYOND MY FAULTS AND SAW MY NEED. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross(BAM BAM, TAWANNA). I love you both. Tawana i can see the change and PRAISE YE THE LORD. Sheveze, i have said it before and i’ll say it again and again. You are what love looks like forreal. I thought i had alot to give, but you have BUSHELS. Even in the midst of my storm, I CHOOSE TO WORSHIP! GOD IS NOT THREW WITH ME YET

    1. Casanya, praise and worship is how we let God know that we understand he will take care of us. Thank you for your encouraging words. May gods peace and love keep you until his mercy delivers you from your situation. I love you Bam!

  4. Although my mom is not with me I am blessed to witness this testimony. I am blessed to witness you love affair through respect, honor, adoration and sensitivity. The ways in which you protect and care for one another leaves me breathless.

    Praying God’s continued blessings ❤smooches❤

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