What did he deliver you from?

Jesus was preparing to leave in the boat. The man who was now free from the demons begged to go with him. But Jesus did not allow the man to go. He said, “Go home to your family and friends. Tell them about all that the Lord did for you. Tell them how the Lord was good to you.” (Mark 5:18, 19 ERV)p

There are many times that I have looked at what I was going through and could not make any sense of it. I looked at how my life went from happy to sad, marriage went from fun, loving and supportive to defensive, dead and unproductive. I could not understand why God saw fit to allow me to go through the things I went through. But now I’m in the By and By…the old southern hymnal said you will understand it better by and by. I look at where I was spiritually and how there came a day that I had to trust God, whole heartily no reservation Trust God. I had no one to depend on, I felt lost and alone and there was no one but God. By and by, I realize how else would I learn to lean on God if I was never challenged to lean on God? How could he restore my marriage unless it was broken, how could he strengthen me unless I was weakened?
Tell somebody what God did for you so they can get to their by and by.

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