It came to pass

“And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the LORD Shall be saved.’”‭‭Acts‬ ‭2:21‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Whatever you are going through remember, you are just going through that thing, it’s not your destiny. Time after time the Bible God refers to things that have come to pass. He tells you about the thing that happened and then he reminds you that, it came to Pass. That means you survived.. oh came to pass. 

“Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He.”

‭‭John‬ ‭13:19‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

God has given us joy, he wants us to live life full of joy. He wants us to understand that the things we deal with are not designed to break us but to strengthen us. He wants us to be joyful and accept that all things are working for our good. He wants us to trust him. Trust that if he did it for them ( the people in the Bible) that he will do it for us. He will fight our battles, he will restore our health, he will restore our marriage, he will get us a new job, he will save our house, he will protect our children, he will provide for all our needs. 

““These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.”‭‭John‬ ‭15:11‬ ‭NKJV


So I ask that you do a few things for yourself:

1. write down what you are dealing with. Write it down, see if on 📝 paper it still looks as big as your mind made it. 

2. Fold up that paper, and pray over it. Ask God to handle this thing for you. Pray over it and then wait on God. 

“And then GOD answered: “Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.”‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:2MSG‬‬

Then I want you to get up and praise God. Praise him because it is coming.. your breakthrough is on the way. Trust God, don’t trust me. I’m telling you what God can do because I’m not in the Bible but he did it for me. He loves you just as much as he loves anybody else. 

“And it came to pass, when Abraham’s servant heard their words, that he worshiped the LORD, bowing himself to the earth.”‭‭Genesis‬ ‭24:52‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

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