Fatherhood, again

Today we hear from Gabe Poletti, I’m so excited for you to hear his take on fatherhood. 

The other day, Sheveze came to me and asked me to write a blog about being a good father. I was surprised, I really didn’t know what to write. What can I write about? I’m a new father. So I started to brainstorm ideas for this blog; some ideas came and went. I know I’m not the perfect parent. I don’t discipline our child as much as I should. My 28lb little 2 year old daughter standing at 24″ tall has her 6’4″ 215lb father wrapped around her little fingers and she knows it. But her and I know that I will be always there for each other. My opinion of being a good father is being there for your kids and your wife, as my father did. Always put God first, then family, then work and play.  

To give a little history about myself, my wife and I lost a little boy, 6 yrs ago. He was born early survived for about 12 hrs. That was the hardest time of my life. That could of destroyed my marriage, but it didn’t. It made it stronger. After several years getting medical help, we got pregnant again. Then my wife had troubles again in this pregnancy. At 34 weeks they had to get the baby out. We were scared and nervous. 
When Bella was born, her lungs were underdeveloped and other health issues. So 28 days in the hospital, every night praying for Bella’s recovery, then we finally got to bring her home.  
From the days she was in the hospital, I made a promise to her, that I’ll be there for her. 
Every day I thank God for her and my wife. 

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