You are not alone!

I don’t have to understand.

I don’t have to fix it or figure it out.

I don’t have to know your intimate or personal details.

I don’t have to put on a fake smile, pretend or lie.

I will be here because i can’t imagine any other place to be.

Supporting, even when I don’t understand.

Loving, even when you are unloveable,

Praying, even when you can’t,

Because supporting you is my #1 thing to do.

I’ll be here pushing, pulling or dragging you to tomorrow, because I know that Joy comes in the morning.

So, as you progress along this journey, don’t worry about me, I’m back here cheering you on, praying and trusting God with you and for you.


Be Brave

Be Strong

Be Weak if that is what today brings,

But keep going

Do It Scared!

The reality is you still have a life to live, kids to raise, jobs to do, but you don’t have to it alone.

Your support team!


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