I’ll be God’s hands and feet

I was laughing with my cousin today about the kids thinking Bishop Knox was God. Adults find it strange when kids confuse the pastor for God but the more I think about it, the more I realize they may have it right. Not saying I think any pastor is God but shouldn’t his actions on earth be a reflection of the God he serves?

There is a song by William Murphy that says the change I want to see, must first begin in me. Well most Pastors have gone through a transition that changes the heart they were born with.

But should it only be pastors, ministers, teachers or Bishops or should it be everyone who has accepted Christ?

Casey J has a song called my heart..she says

I’ll be your heart to the ones I meet

I’ll show love to the least of these

I would have never known if u didn’t first love me

I’ve learned to love when I’m your hands and feet

I’ve learned to love Ill be your hands and feet

So to all my ministers and friends, we are created in his image and his likeness, let’s allow the world see him in us!

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