Back to school prayer

Good morning Lord. I come to you this day on behalf of our children. As the children begin a new journey of learning, as they begin going to classrooms in person, masked up and sanitized or online, and virtual I ask that you be with them. Lord in these unprecedented times we need you to show unprecedented favor over their minds. You knew these children before you created them and you created words and concepts so help them understand them and learn to apply them in the ways required to show academic excellence. Father you created science when you formed the world so allow their minds to understand and be captivated by your amazing work. Lord you created art and music so allow the creativity you possess to inhabit our children. I know this pandemic did not catch you unaware and I know you have plans to give them a future and a hope, your plans will not allow them to be harmed so I’m trusting you today and everyday in new ways. Lord, help these parents and caregivers who are trying to teach things they never learned and help the teachers and administrators find new and creative ways to be effective. I ask these things in the name of Jesus, on the blood of the lamb knowing you will hear my cry and attend unto my need. Amen

One response to “Back to school prayer”

  1. Amen. What a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing and following my blog. Take care.

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