May is for mother’s

Our first mother featured in a May is a new mother, I asked her to tell me about her reflections this first year. Here is Jordyn’s story

Being Kyrie’s mom
I’m Jordyn Anese and in 2019 God chose me to be a mother. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “Unt unt you and that man did the necessary to have a baby” and okay. But the truth is you just don’t know my story and I’m content with that.
From the day I found out I was going to be a mom I knew my life would be different. The first thing I thought was “I always want my baby to look better than me”.. So I started making plans to water down my wardrobe something serious. I felt so blessed to be able to carry a little bundle of joy.
When I found out my baby was a boy my heart melted. THATS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED FIRST. I always wanted two kids. Boy first then a girl, like my mom and dad. I always thought that if I have a boy first and then a girl she will have a protector. And if I just have a boy I’ll have a valid excuse to get and stay I shape so I can be hands on with his active nature.
Kyrie Chase was born October 31, 2019. And from that point on I have NOT been the same. Nurturing him has been a blessing. Watching him grow and feeling me open up has been such a life changing experience. On our hard days I cry and he slobber kisses my tears to make me feel better. I remember that God equipped me for this very moment for this very little human. My journey has just started and I can think of is our future. Motherhood has so far shown me more of me and a whole lot more of God. ♥️

Jordyn Anese
Founding and Managing member of T.Y.A.S. Initiative LLC

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